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World class Orchestras and Dj's
For us, as music is the most essential element for tango, a good music is a must for a festival. Every single night of tanGO TO istanbul must be unforgettable as you would not want to leave the dance floor just for a second. Best sound and light system will be on service.
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Topmost Maestros

World renowned dancers of Argentine Tango
Be ready for the inspiring classes and shows from the most famous artists of Argentine Tango. While you are joining stimulating classes in the daytime, you will be fascinated by the world`s best performances at night.
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Stunning Venues

Most prestigious places of Istanbul
‘Being in the right place, in the right time’ You will be lost in a reverie while dancing in such atmospheres where you would not want to leave. What you will find in these venues is the most qualified Argentine Tango embellished with a unique Istanbul experience.


With 8,500 years of a glamorous history, İstanbul has always been an important metropolis of its days. Former capital of many empires including Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire the city holds within some of the precious ancient monuments as well as a unique beauty with the Bosphorus running across the city separating Europe and Asia.
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Javier Rodriguez, tango dancer and teacher, is one of the most recognized figures of the Argentine tango and an indisputable expert in Tango Salon style. For the past 20 years Javier has been a part of the most famous tango festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia, where he never stopped dazzling the participants with his art of dance and pedagogy. Javier Rodriguez has begun dancing tango when he was 18. Together with his first professional partner, Geraldine Rojas, they have quickly become one of the most sought after tango couples in the world. They have toured the

Javier & Fatima

The most eminent representatives of the so called young tango de salon generation, combining the greatest traditions with youthful energy and genuine passion. Their style is characterized by lightness and elegance, agility and precision. The tango they dance can be seen at the Buenos Aires milongas. For them, what matters in tango most are feelings and the quality of movement. They both started to dance in their childhood. In 2005, Sebastian won the World Tango Championships. Roxana, having been chosen the best young dancer in 2004, honed her skills in the Tango Styles

Sebastian & Roxana

Facundo Pinero, he worked in Casas de Tango as Madero Tango, Taconeando, Complejo Tango, Barracas Tango, Tango Red and Chiquin. He began to travel the world at 17 years, in different companies such as : Latin Dance, Tango Odyssey, Tango Emotion, Mora Godoy, Tanguera and Forever Tango. Vanessa Vilalba, She worked in Casas de Tango as : La Ventana, Piazzolla Tango, Homero Manzi and Boca Tango. She was champion of tango Baradero 2002 and later also she was jury. She traveled the world for 4 years with the company Forever Tango and was assistant choreographer of it. They

Facundo & Vanesa

Sebastian Jimenez is today one of the most renowned dancers of the Tango Salon category. His career start as the winner of the top prize in 2010: the World Tango Championship. In the same year was also recognized for his unique expression in Tango Vals in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship which made Sebastián the youngest champion in the history of both championships. Since then he has been traveling across all continents showing his art and teaching across different cultures. Joana Gomes, has a PhD in interactive art and has always been involved in the creation of

Sebastian & Joana

Elegance and style are cornerstones of Leandro and Laila’s style. With their dedication and experience as teachers, they guide their students to realize their full potential. Their lessons are known for being fun, friendly and filled with energy as they help their students to obtain a solid technique in developing and discovering their own particular style. Their love and respect for Argentine Tango permeates their classes as they emphasize the tradition and codes of this dance. Their workshops are tailor-made to make a fundamental difference in their students’

Leandro & Laila

European champion 2012 in the category tango Escenario 5th place at the 2012 world championship in the category tango Salon , winner of best foreign couple. Champion of Russia 2013 in the category tango Escenario 5th place at the world championship in the category tango escenario , winner of Best foreign couple. 5th place at the 2014 world championship in the category tango de Pista 5th place at the world champioship 2016 in tango, escenario paired with Sagdiana Hamzina The founder of the team of professional dancers “Tango banda” Head of the dance Studio

Dmitry & Sagdiana


Javier & Patricie

Argentine & Czechia

Daniel & Cecilia

  After working together with some of the important instructors separately, Eşref and Vanessa, both are accepted and respected as ones of the most important figures in Turkish tango history, came up to become partners as they discover the similarities of their perspective of tango and in a very short period of time, they have become a source of inspiration for many people. Their dance contains the elegance of the traditional tango as well as the innovative musical understanding of the new era. As teachers they find ways to help their students to discover and improve

Eşref & Vanessa

Turkey & France
Altough he is frequently invited to perform and give classes as a maestro at international workshops and festivals in Europe, Murat still manages to successfully run his Tango school from Istanbul. He also became the Turkey Champion in Argentinian Tango of TDSF (Turkish Dance and Sports Federation) in 2009. In his teaching, he believes that there is no such thing as one truth in tango dancing, and sees it as his duty as a teacher to try to find and bring to light each dancer’s own truth. He is highly admired for his sense of music and the dynamic energy he shares

Murat & Ilgın

9 Years so far with many more to come

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