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Ultimate Music

World class Orchestras and Dj's
For us, as music is the most essential element for tango, a good music is a must for a festival. Every single night of tanGO TO istanbul must be unforgettable as you would not want to leave the dance floor just for a second. Best sound and light system will be on service.
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Topmost Maestros

World renowned dancers of Argentine Tango
Be ready for the inspiring classes and shows from the most famous artists of Argentine Tango. While you are joining stimulating classes in the daytime, you will be fascinated by the world`s best performances at night.
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Stunning Venues

Most prestigious places of Istanbul
‘Being in the right place, in the right time’ You will be lost in a reverie while dancing in such atmospheres where you would not want to leave. What you will find in these venues is the most qualified Argentine Tango embellished with a unique Istanbul experience.
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With 8,500 years of a glamorous history, İstanbul has always been an important metropolis of its days. Former capital of many empires including Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire the city holds within some of the precious ancient monuments as well as a unique beauty with the Bosphorus running across the city separating Europe and Asia.
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8 Years so far with many more to come

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Different Night Venues

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Milonga on the Bosphorus

You will be dancing on the boat between the continents while living magic of legendary bosphorus.
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The most eminent representatives of the so called young tango de salon generation, combining the greatest traditions with youthful energy and genuine passion. Their style is characterized by lightness and elegance, agility and precision. The tango they dance can be seen at the Buenos Aires milongas. For them, what matters in tango most are feelings and the quality of movement. They both started to dance in their childhood. In 2005, Sebastian won the World Tango Championships. Roxana, having

Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez

Javier Rodriguez, tango dancer and teacher, is one of the most recognized figures of the Argentine tango and an indisputable expert in Tango Salon style. For the past 20 years Javier has been a part of the most famous tango festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia, where he never stopped dazzling the participants with his art of dance and pedagogy. Javier Rodriguez has begun dancing tango when he was 18. Together with his first professional partner, Geraldine Rojas, they have quickly become one

Javier Rodriguez & Fatima Vitale

Carlitos is a dynamic young milonguero style dancer who has been dancing for the last eighteen years in Argentina and Chile and has instructed at over 100 festivals and workshops in Europe and South America gaining a fiercely-loyal following worldwide. One of Carlito’s first tango teacher was Carlos Malone and Sergio Natario, who taught him the importance of walking. In 1998 Carlitos began teaching in Argentina and Chile and in 2001, in Europe. Word quickly spread and since 2004 he has

Carlos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado

Chile & Argentina
GIAMPIERO ALESSANDRO CANTONE – TRAINING TECHNICAL ARTISTIC WORKS – It looks out to the world of dance for couples age ‘ of 10 years with the STANDARD DANCES and Latin ; studied for years with world-renowned masters and won numerous titles at the regional and national levels; still very young , becomes a teacher in these disciplines. All-round artist , also studies ballet and jazz , acting and singing . In 2007, a passion and began studying Argentine tango. In 2010 , he meets

Giampiero Alessandro Cantone & Francesca Del Buono

European champion 2012 in the category tango Escenario 5th place at the 2012 world championship in the category tango Salon , winner of best foreign couple. Champion of Russia 2013 in the category tango Escenario 5th place at the world championship in the category tango escenario , winner of Best foreign couple. 5th place at the 2014 world championship in the category tango de Pista 5th place at the world champioship 2016 in tango, escenario paired with Sagdiana Hamzina The founder of the

Dmitry Vasin & Sagdiana Hamzina

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