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My name is Asya Moiseeva. I’m from Saint-Petersburg ( Russia).
My experience in tango DJ-ing began in April 2014. I started to put music at regular milongas in Saint-Petersburg and later at milongas in Moscow. Gradually I started to receive invitations to international events. Since then I have worked in many marathons all over Europe ( O’ Cerasiello, Remolino, FTM, TangoJam, 4 Saisons,La Cita de los amigos…..) The whole of last year,I was a resident at the oldest milonga in Saint-Petersburg – Casa Latina. And now I live in Paris and DJ at local milongas while still travelling regularly to DJ at international events. I love not only tango, but music in General…I love jazz, play guitar and ukulele, a little bit of saxophone. I think that my music education and overall love of music helps me in DJing.