Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez

///Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez
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The most eminent representatives of the so called young tango de salon generation, combining the greatest traditions with youthful energy and genuine passion. Their style is characterized by lightness and elegance, agility and precision. The tango they dance can be seen at the Buenos Aires milongas. For them, what matters in tango most are feelings and the quality of movement. They both started to dance in their childhood. In 2005, Sebastian won the World Tango Championships. Roxana, having been chosen the best young dancer in 2004, honed her skills in the Tango Styles Academy. So they joined their ways to start a common career back in February 2007. Loved by all and sundry, they are invited to workshops and festivals all over the world, and their presence causes a great commotion even at their native Buenos Aires milongas. Since 2010 They perform in great theaters with Tango Mas Tango Company. They also run their own studio in Buenos Aires, called “Ensueño”.