Colors indicate the levels of the classes, please select considering your dancing experience.

(More than 1 year experience)
(More than 3 years experience)
(More than 5 years experience)
Sessions 2 March Thursday 3 March Friday
16:30–17:45 Carlitos y Noelia (CN 2152)Flexibility in the embrace: Transition between close and open embrace, points of contact Noelia Hurtado (CN5211)Woman Technique
18:00–19:15 Giampiero y Francesca
(GF 2121) The rhytm of Tango, use of rhytm during the dance
Dimitry y Sagdiana
(DS 3122)Colgadas, how to use in milongas and stage tango
Giampiero y Francesca
(GF 3231)Giros: Technique and structure on the floor
Carlos y Noelia
(CN 4222) How to set and ideas to put together a performance. (special class for professional or people who wants and plan to make a performance)
19:30–20:45 Dmitry y Sagdiana
(DS 2131) Embellishments for man and woman
Giampiero y Francesca (GF 2132) Musicality: Change in muscle tension. dynamic, cut or continuous Panagiotis y Maria
(PM 3133)Milonga: Change of weight; reaction to the lead; rhythmic possibilities
Dmitry y Sagdiana
(DS 4241)Improvisation: Use and control of the free leg during the dance
Giampiero y Francesca
(GF 3242) Ganchos for man and woman
4 March Saturday 5 March Sunday
12:00–13:15 Sagdiana Hamzina
Women Technique (JF 5311)
Francesca Del Buono
Women Technique
(SR 5411)
Giampiero Cantone
Men Technique
(SR 6412)
13:30–14:45 Dmitry y Sagdiana
(DS 2323)Milonga con traspie
Giampiero y Francesca
(GF 1322)Rhytmic Sequences in close embrace, how to improve them in close embrace
Giampiero y Francesca
(GF 2421)
Sacadas and barridas
Dimitry y Sagdiana
(DS 4422)Escenario – work with different types of jumps. Secrets of sensitivity leading and following
15:00–16:15 Carlos y Noelia
(CN 3333)Musicality: The importance of the music for the connection. Being literal, melodic, rhythmic, details. Suggesting a musical idea.
Dimitry y Sagdiana
(DS 2332)All body preparation to work with all kinds of boleo
Carlos y Noelia
(CN 3433)Sequences with Boleos, the technic and structure
Panagiotis y Maria
(SR 2432)Vals: Fluid turns in a vals sequence
Yalçın y Elizaveta
(YE 1431)(Walking, embrace and posture in Tango
16:30–17:45 Carlitos y Noelia
(CN 1343)Musicality: Rhytmic Sequences
Giampiero y Francesca
(GF 4342)1990 Pugliese Style, sharp and elegant, working with the musicality
18:00–19:15 Carlos y Noelia (CN 2353) Milonga: Contention of the movement to create accelerations Dmitry y Sagdiana
(DS1352)Balance of dancers, working with axis