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Claudio comes from Paris and San Mango sul Calore (Italy) . Tango has chosen him in 2003, showing us his bad taste again. Teacher from 2008, he starts putting music one year after. On his first night as a DJ, the computer crashed and he thought “ Well, I touched the bottom, from now I can just grow” , the optimistic sentence was truth: nowadays he travels around the world djing in great events, with more than 500 dj set done, from B.A to Moscow. Claudio has two main characteristics : he prefers deads orchestras, and It’s possible to see him jumping on the chair during the dj set. He is co-organizer of the milonga Dolce Vita in Paris, and as a dancer he is lucky to work with Delphine Blanco and Luciana Muzio. He likes satire, Tolstoy, cooking, and positive people. Hoping to enjoy with you during this w.e.