Once in a Lifetime Event

 2 of the greatest orchestras of the Tango history will be meeting in Istanbul. Juan D’arienzo’s and Osvaldo Pugliese’s inheriters ‘Los Reyes Del Tango’ and ‘Color Tango’ will meet in the city, where continents meet.

 And 7th March Saturday Night  for the first time in history these 2 legendary orchestras will play tanda by tanda in 2 different stages in same milonga. We call it Pugliese vs D`Arienzo   SOUNDCLASH. It is like a competition of These 2 orchestra. And of course you will dance during this amazing event..


During the festival days, be prepared for a rich and exciting program, including:

1978296_743046725719619_1280075069_o*Amazing Milongas in significiant venues of Istanbul
*SoundCLASH of 2 amazing orchestra calles Pugliese vs D’Arienzo
*Amazing Dj Cast
*Carefully selected classes including “Women and Men Technique” from World Renowned Maestros
*Milonga on BOSPHORUS between Asia and Europe (Boat Milonga)
*Non-Stop Dancing “Up to 50 Hours Milonga” (including Night, Daytime, Boat Milongas)
*Tango footwear and clothing collections,
*Theatre Concerts from Orchestras with Maestros Performances
*Special Accomodation deals for festival participants in Taksim which heart  of istanbul
*This year all classes will be in main Festival hotels (Innpark and Alkoclar Keban)
*Shuttles from Festival Hotels to all milonga venues


   We will experience valuable workshops and exciting performances, given by maestros: Javier Rodriguez & Noelia Barsi, Dana Frigoli & Adrian Ferreyra, Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez, Gaston Torelli & Moira Castellano, Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado, Murat Elmadagli & Nadide Ece Somer.10590611_844069602283997_8896867332325965205_n-1Of course, tango is the focus of our festival. But as the slogan “TanGO TO Istanbul” implies, we think that the city of Istanbul should take the lead, so that you can follow the sound and rhythm of this wonderful place. On Friday, a Bosphorus cruise awaits, in which you can enjoy the colorful shoreline or dance to our DJ’s selection of tangos. Yes, this cruise will be a milonga as well as a tour which will be held between 2 continents; Europe and Asia.

Orchestra-Queer-Tango    The Bosphorus cruisimgrese was one of the most talked-about activities during last year’s festival, so we have expanded it with a larger boat this time, with a fully wooden floor for a more comfortable dance experience. To ensure an even mix, make your reservations as soon as possible, as we are limited to 90 slots for women, and 90 for men.Apart from the performances by our featured Maestros, you will also enjoy amazing shows of carefully selected international guest dancers.  As one of the famous Argentine tango instructors says: “The music is the leader.” That is why we have invited well-known DJs, who bring their experience from numerous international tango festivals. With their festival-tested tango selections, you can be sure to dance joyfully until the morning.    Finally thanks to our special agreement with special Hotels . Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at this centrally located, classy hotels at VERY LOW prices.

     So we hope to see you in March, the best time of year in Istanbul, where we can tango together into the spring!