Dmitry Astafiev & Irina Ponomareva

//Dmitry Astafiev & Irina Ponomareva
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Dmitry Astafiev began his dance training with ballroom dancing at the age of 11. His diligence and perseverance helped him to achieve high results, he participated in major championships in Russia, Europe and the World Cup. In 2010, he began dancing and, later, teaching Argentine tango. As early as in 2012 he became the 3rd in Salon category at The European Tango Championship and became for the first time a finalist at the World Tango Championship. In 2016 he won the Russian Tango Championship in the Stage category and became the Vice-Champion in the Salon category. In the same year he became a finalist in the Salon and Stage categories at the World Tango Championship. Dmirtry is now one of the most sought-after teachers in Russia. Irina Ponomareva began her dance career at the young age of 6 with classical choreography, and later – at the age of 8 – with ballroom dancing, taking part in different competitions and championships. Later she practiced rock’n’roll and modern styles, but when she’s discovered Argentine tango, her heart was absolutely captured by this dance. Since 2015 she has began to participate in competitions and tango performances. Since 2018 Dmitry Astafyev and Irina Ponomareva have began working together. They immediately won the attention of viewers, becoming the vice-champions at Europe Tango Championship in 2018 in the Salon category and taking 6th place in Salon category at World Tango Championship in Argentina. They performed in Russia, took part in concerts and the most significant and famous milongas of Buenos Aires. “Tango for us is a life, that we are sharing at the moment with each other, a life which is filled with understanding, support, inspiration and interaction. A life filled with music. The life, that we ​​want to share with you”