Federico Kim & Selene Son

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Federico y Selene
– 2014~ Director of Tango Academy Corteño in Busan
– 2011 Finalist of Tango World Cup (Mundial de Tango)
– Performances
In International Tango Festivals in Seoul, Suncheon, Taipei, Beijing, Sydney, Salta,
Valladolid, Osaka, Vladivostok …
In Milongas in BsAs such as Sunderland, Canning, Fulgor and La Baldosa.
– Organizing Events
Workshops of ‘Andres & Luciana”(2013~2018), “Javier Rodriguez”(2014~2018), “Stella
Misse”(2015~2019) in Busan
Busan Beach Milonga with Busan City Government