Ladies and Gentlemen! This year, for the very first time, tanGOTO istanbul adventure will be everlasting! Be prepared for the mind blowing 9 days where you can enjoy İstanbul, Turkish Cousin and of course tango till the sunrise. We will start on the 28 th of February (Friday) with an elite Tango Marathon accompanied by the most selected worldwide Tdjs, following an experimental boat session and last but not least the must-taste Turkish Food (which we will have a Vegan option this year). Right after the maraton, just before the magical festival, we prepared you a little break to enjoy İstanbul streets and the landmarks. Our touristic excursions (musts in an istanbul trip) will let you discover İstanbul and its history with  very compact, safe and cheap options. And finally the festival day will come and the legendary tanGOTOistanbul will open its doors and amaze you for the 12th time. You will meet with world class maestros, orchestras and djs in the most prestigious venues of İstanbul with spectacular sound and light systems set up to make your nights unforgettable. 




28 Feb Friday29 Feb Saturday1 March Sunday2 March Monday3 March Tuesday4 March Wednesday5 March Thursday6 March Friday7 March Saturday8 March Sunday
20:00 The marathon starts with the dinner14:00-19:30 Boat Milonga DJ: Naoko14:00 -20:00 DJ: La Ros09:00 Historical Peninsula Tour of Istanbul 10:00 Princess Island Tour 12:00 Hammam16:30 Classes11:00 Milonga on the Bosphorus (Boat Milonga)11:00 Classes12:00 Classes
21:00-01:00 DJ:Ahu Turkpence20:00: The marathon Dinner21:00 Marathon after Party DJ: Karolina TK20:00 Turkish Dinner Show 19:00 - Semazen Dervish Ritual 16:30 Classes14:00 Daytime Milonga @33314:00 Daytime Milonga @333
01:00-06:00 DJ:Asya Moiseeva21:00-01:00 Dj: Sabri Gulec22:00 Festival Warm up Milonga Dj: Cem Çınar22:00 Festival Opening Milonga Dj: Eray Yüksek22:00 MILONGA 2 Dj: Geff Kim Taehwan22:00 MILONGA TANGO BARDO LIVE Dj: Erik Heleno20:30 TANGO BARDO CONCERT 22:00 Festival Closing Milonga Dj: Dark-Oh
22:00-06:00 Dj: Claudio Salemme22:00 GALA MILONGA-SOLO TANGO feat CHINO LABORDE live Dj: La Rubia