The Best is Yet To Come

Be ready for another amazing edition. 


Here is some information about TanGO TO istanbul festival;

Milongas: We have 6 night milongas from 5th of April till 10th of April 2022; Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Tuesday is a warm up milonga at Dedeman Hotel, Wednesday is opening milonga at Dedeman Hotel, Thursday-Friday-Saturday milongas are with shows and Live music and Sunday is closing milonga also with shows. Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday milonga locations will be announced on 15th of March 2022 and they will be at different locations.

Classes: There will be classes of maestros for 4 days at Dedeman Hotel; Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday. You do NOT need a partner for registering the classes, we equalize the number of people so you will have a partner. The class schedule is at this link;

Accommodation: The festival Hotel is Dedeman Hotel Istanbul (at Gayrettepe) You can also register at Dedeman Hotel from our registration page. Single 78 Euro/night and Double 44 Euro/night for one person. For more information about the festival Hotel;

Closing Concert of TANGO BARDO with the show of all maestros: We have the closing concert on the 10th of April 2022 Sunday between 20:00 – 22:00 at Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) Taksim, the most prestigious Concert Hall of Istanbul and Turkey.

Transfers: We have transfer service from the airport to Dedeman Hotel and back (Round Trip). All night milongas from Thursday till Sunday will be at different locations so we have also a shuttle service from Dedeman Hotel to all the milongas and back (Round Trip)
a) Transfer to all Milongas from the festival Hotel Dedeman and back (Round Trip)
b) Airport Transfer from İstanbul Airport to Dedeman Hotel and back (Round Trip)
c) Airport Transfer from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Dedeman Hotel and back (Round Trip)

Table Reservation at the Festival: As TanGO To istanbul is a big festival, generally the distribution plan of the venue is only with chairs. If you want to have a special table up to 6-8 people than you can reserve it from our registration page.

This is the link of general schedule;

These are the prices;