About Covid-19

Here are the Covid-19 Precautions of the 13th tanGO TO istanbul.

This year, your health and safety is our priority as much as the festival itself. Due to Covid-19 precautions,  our festival milongas will be closed for outside participation. There will be no exceptions on the event days.

  • All milonga participants must stay at our designated festival hotel. We have 3-4-5 days accommodation packages and you can also stay more days by registering from our web site.
  • All reservations must be from our Festival Registration system. Click here for registration page
  • All milonga participants has to be PCR tested  (details below) by the Medical Staff of the Festival just before their check-in at festival hotel. The PCR test is 20 Euro per person each time.
  • Reaching the results of PCR test takes  min 5 Hours. So you should be given your samples min 5 hours before you are joining the Milonga Room. Please consider it when you are arranging flight arrival time to İstanbul.
  • You can also have a PCR Test from your own country. You can send us the link of the lab/hospital  that you have the test and give us the password of your account so that we can check your test result online from there or you can bring a paper from there. It must be within last 72 hours.
  • PCR tests also can be applied on Turkish Ministry of Health registered Labs  in max 24 Hours  before check-in. The lab has to be listed in this link https://hsgm.saglik.gov.tr/tr/haberler/yetkilendirilmis-covi-d-19-tani-laboratuvarlari.html
  • Milonga room is fully fresh and well air ventilated.
  • In the Milonga room, face mask is mandatory while not dancing. During dancing, it depends on the partners.
  • No seats will be set near the dance floor.  This area will be reserved for hand washing stations. Food and drink services will be outside of the dancing hall and it will be in the Open Air Area.

Classes will be open for everyone as long as following the rules are followed;

  1.  HES control (Just  for Turkish people) is mandatory at the entrance.
  2. There will be fixed partners during the classes.
  3. You can wear a Face Mask during the classes.
  4. Classrooms are sufficiently large and will be well ventilated during the classes.


PCR Test: It will be applied just before checking in the hotel. Test room will be located right after the Festival Registration Desk.