Levels (Cell Colors are indicates levels of the Classes)


DaySessionRoom 1Room 2
Friday15:00-16:15Sebastian & Roxana (SR 3111)
"BUSCÁNDOTE" Use of embrace regarding the other one
Friday 16:30-17:45Sebastian & Roxana (SR 2122)
EL TANGO ES EL TANGO'' - Musicality. Variants and combinations (All level)
Dmitry & Olga (DO 4122)
Slides, as a dynamic and vibrant ( bright) movement in tango escenario, options from simple to difficult
Friday18:00-19:15Carlitos & Agustina (CA 3131)
Milonga: Use of body tone to control movement and speed
Ivan & Sara (IS 2132)
Unconventional giros: different ways to think about turning
Friday19:30-20:45Sebastian & Roxana (SR 4141)
"VALSESITO CRIOLLO"Advanced sequence with old school step
Dmitry & Olga (DO 2142)
Combinations with caminatas: Caminata as the basis of a simple and interesting dance
Saturday11:00-12:15Roxana Suarez (SR 5211)
Women Technic
Sebastian Achaval (SR 6211)
Men Technic
Saturday12:30-13:45Carlitos & Agustina (CA 1221)
Variants of walks, for the use of space
Ivan & Sara (IS 2222)
Dancing in tight places. Navigated the floor with ease!
Saturday14:00-15:15Sebastian & Roxana (SR 1231)
''EL TANGO ES EL TANGO''Musicality. Listening, analyzing, moving
Carlitos & Agustina(CA 2232)
Circularity: Beginning of dissociation, different uses of dissociation, body, axis, hug
Saturday15:30-16:45Sebastian & Roxana (SR 7241)
''EL TANGO ES EL TANGO'' Musicality, examining the Mechanics
Ivan & Sara (IS 3242)
Colgadas: The axis as a tool and exploring the axis for a more dynamic dance
Saturday17:00-18:15Carlitos & Agustina (CA 4251)
Turns: Variations of the turn, changes of direction, sacadas
Dmitry & Olga (DO 2252)
Giro: A game with dynamics, speed and rhythm, with a comfortable
Saturday18:30-19:45Ivan & Sara (IS 3261)
Walking sacadas vs power sacadas ( from a walk and from a turn)
Dmitry & Olga (DO 2262)
Musicality: Interpretation of orchestras in regular (familiar) combinations
Sunday12:00-13:15Agustina Piaggio(CA 5311 )
Women Tech
Carlitos Espinoza(CA 6312 )
Men Tech
Sunday13:30-14:45Sebastian & Roxana (SR 3321)
"SOLAMENTE ELLA" Front boleos
Dmitry & Olga (DO 1322)
Posture in tango. We use the floor as the basis of the axis and the perfect embrace . We analyze many options for a comfortable dance in any style
Sunday 15:00-16:15Sebastian & Roxana (SR 2331)
"LA VIDA ES UNA MILONGA" Rhythmical possibilities
Ivan & Sara (IS 1332)
Geometry as a super power: good geometry for effortless and efficient lead and follow
Sunday16:30-17:45Carlitos & Agustina(CA 2341)
Levels: use the levels to create circular movements
Ivan & Sara (IS 4342)
Enrosques sostenidos vs Sharp enrosques for him and for her
Sunday18:00-19:15Sebastian & Roxana (SR 2351)
"VOLVER" fundamentals
Dmitry & Olga (DO 3352)
combinations for tango escenario (Sacada, boleo, gancho)