Levels (Cell Colors are indicates levels of the Classes)


DaySessionRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
Thursday11:00-12:15 Vanesa Villalba
(FV5111 )

Women Tech
Facundo Pinnero

Men Tech
Thursday12:30-13:45 Chicho & Juana

Musicality Seminer - Part 1
Carlitos & Agustina

Dissociation as a principle: Exploring the concept and ways of working on it
Javier & Fatima

The combination of Sacadas and Barridas in Tango Salon Style
Thursday14:00-15:15 Chicho & Juana

Musicality Seminer - Part 2
Facundo & Vanesa

Rhythmic and Musical interpretation for a good Improvisation in your dance
Sebastian & Roxana

Resources for Variations: Time for dreaming
Thursday15:30-16:45 Facundo & Vanesa

Looking for speed, dynamic changes and preparing for a ''Variation'' at the end
Javier & Fatima

How to look good: The embalishment of man and woman in Tango Salon
Sebastian & Roxana

Vals: Chained movements
Juan & Manuela

Cross and paralel system: Dancing the walk, different options of Caminatas that help with circulation and fluidity
Friday12:30-13:45Manuela Rossi
(JM5211 )

Women Tech
Juan Malizia

Men Tech
Friday14:00-15:15 Facundo & Vanesa

Tango Escenario; movement and elements for performance
Sebastian & Roxana

How to begin with ganchos? Learning ganchos were never that eas
Carlitos & Agustina

Giros and contragiros: Combination of linear and circular turns
Juan & Manuela

Flexible embrace for alterations and flow, finding extra space
Friday15:30-16:45 Facundo & Vanesa

Facundo and Vanesa's favorite sequences in speed with closed embrace (Highly Recommended)
Javier & Fatima

Tango Fantasy: What Javier and Fatima like in Tango, their favorite movements
Carlitos & Agustina

Interpretation: Ideas to create criteria and have a broad spectrum and thus still be able to interpret in different ways
Giampiero & Magdalena

Negative dissociation for enrosque; roles of man and woman
Friday17:00-18:15 Chicho & Juana

Boleos & Ganchos - Part 1
Facundo & Vanesa

Tango walks, transfer of body weight, footfall and their connection with music
Javier & Fatima

The technic of special giros in Tango Salon Style
Juan & Manuela

Introduction from Salon into Stage. First approach, using the elements we already know and adding up intention and attitude
Friday18:30-19:45 Chicho & Juana

Boleos & Ganchos - Part 2
Sebastian & Roxana

The special movement technique for Torsion and Pivots
Javier & Fatima

Musicality: The Tango rhytm (El Rey Del Compas)
Carlitos & Agustina

Create accelerations during the turn using elastics and centrifuges
Saturday11:00-12:15Roxana Suarez
(SR5311 )

Women Tech
Sebastian Achaval
(SR6312 )

Men Tech
Saturday12:30-13:45 Facundo & Vanesa

Giros with enrosques and planeos
Javier & Fatima

Milonga: Milonga traspie, Javier and Fatima's favorite combinations
Carlitos & Agustina

Ideas to build useful sequences for reduced spaces in social dance
Giampiero & Magdalena

3 big rules for a good salon style
Saturday14:00-15:15 Facundo & Vanesa

Shapes of giro: Some structures for guide your practice during the dance
Javier & Fatima

Walking and embrace, learn it from the best of the best
Juan & Manuela

Colgadas: Impulse and weight distribution to find the correct flow
Giampiero & Magdalena

7 rules to dance perfect salon style
Saturday15:30-16:45 Chicho & Juana

Entradas & Sacadas - Part 1
Sebastian & Roxana

Giros: Exploring and examining the intensity, space and form of it
Carlitos & Agustina

Connection: axis, points of contact, intention and transition of the embrace. Use of instinct and perception to improve communication in the couple
Juan & Manuela

Different types of jumps, lifts, and slides. How to do them properly with comfort and good esthetics
Saturday17:00-18:15 Chicho & Juana

Entradas & Sacadas - Part 2
Sebastian & Roxana

Counterposition: Working on an elastic embrace for good communication
Carlitos & Agustina

Construction of the dance between the couple, taking the center of the body as a point of reference
Juan & Manuela

Back sacada: Pivot and lead insights for energy control and coordination
Sunday11:00-12:15Agustina Piaggio
(CA5411 )

Women Tech
Carlitos Espinoza
(CA6412 )

Men Tech
Sunday12:30-13:45Fatima Vitale
(JF5421 )

Women Tech
Javier Rodriguez
(JF6422 )

Men Tech
Sunday14:00-15:15 Chicho & Juana

Connection & Structure (How to dance as one) - Part 1
Sebastian & Roxana

Changing your movements from linear to circular
Javier & Fatima

Improvastion: The use of free leg of the follower and the control by the leader
Juan & Manuela

Softness and suspension, slow and continuous movements without losing connection and intention
Sunday15:30-16:45 Chicho & Juana

Connection & Structure (How to dance as one) - Part 2
Facundo & Vanesa

Vals: Rhythm, Cadence and Musicality
Sebastian & Roxana

Lápices and planeos for man and woman. Learn it from the best couple
Juan & Manuela

Boleos for men and women, proper lead. How to connect the center and the legs for correct reaction and dynamics.
Sunday17:00-18:15 Facundo & Vanesa

Techniques in the embrace, body mechanics, how to maintain the connection and esthetics without loosing dynamics between the couple
Javier & Fatima

The technical details of a good and comfartable Posture and Connection
Carlitos & Agustina

Milonga: Different ideas to control the speed and highlight the rhythm
Giampiero & Magdalena

Freeze and Swing; change your dynamic to create a real unique interpretation