Levels (Cell Colors are indicates levels of the Classes)


DaySessionRoom 1Room 2Room 3
Thursday16:30-17:45 Manuela Rossi (JM 5111 )
Women Tech
Juan Malizia(JM 6112)
Men Tech
Thursday18:00-19:15 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 2122)
Rhythmic and Musical interpretation for a good Improvisation in your dance
Javier & Fatima (JF 4121)
Improvastion: The use of free leg of the follower and the control by the leader
Juan & Manuela (JM 3123)
Out of axis: Colgadas and shared axis. Trust, momentum and fluidity
Thursday19:30-20:45 Javier & Fatima (JF 3131)
The combination of Sacadas and Barridas
Facundo & Vanesa (FV 2132)
Circular or linear; when and why
Juan & Manuela (JM 1133)
Free leg: Understand the connection of the free leg to the lead and coordination (parada, lapiz, etc).
Friday12:00-13:15 Agustina Piaggio(CA 5211 )
Women Tech
Carlitos Espinoza(CA 6212 )
Men Tech
Friday13:30-14:45 Javier & Fatima (JF 3221)
The technic of special giros in Tango Salon Style
Juan & Manuela (JM 2222)
Decoding Giro and Enrosque. Intention, start and finish
Friday15:00-16:15 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 4231)
Looking for speed, dynamic changes and preparing for a ''Variation'' at the end
Javier & Fatima (JF 2232)
Musicality: Tango Rhytm (El Rey Del Compas)
Dmitry & Sagdiana (DS 2233)
Barrida: Combinations of barridas for both roles
Friday16:30-17:45 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 2241)
Dissociation as a tool; How and when use it
Carlitos & Agustina(CA 3242)
Giros and contragiros, combination of linear and circular turns
Giampiero & Julia (GJ 2243)
Negative dissociation for enrosque; roles of man and woman
Friday18:00-19:15 Javier & Fatima (JF 2251)
The embellishment of man and woman in Tango Salon
Juan & Manuela (JM 3252)
Variation: Speed and dynamic change, how to connect the body to concentrate the energy
Giampiero & Julia (GJ 4253)
7 rules to dance perfect salon style
Friday19:30-20:45 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 2261)
Preparation of movement, how to lead and receive the information- connection!!!
Carlitos & Agustina(CA 4262)
Boleos: Boleo as a rhythmic tool and how Carlitos and Agustiba lead-follow
Dmitry & Olga (DO 1263)
Dialogue in pairs: How to integrate music together and not interfere with each other. How to listen together and give the opportunity to speak to each other together and separately
Saturday11:00-12:15 Fatima Vitale(JF 5311 )
Women Tech
Javier Rodriguez(JF 6312 )
Men Tech
Saturday12:30-13:45 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 3321)
Shapes of giro, some structures for guide your practice!
Carlitos & Agustina(CA 2322)
Sudden changes of direction during the turn
Dmitry & Sagdiana (DS 1323)
Embrace: How to make such a way that the hands of feet and spin not interfere hugging. work on technique
Saturday14:00-15:15 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 1331)
Vals: Rhythm, Cadence and Musicality
Dmitry & Sagdiana (DS 3332)
Men and women ganchos in diffrent combinations
Dmitry & Olga (DO 2333)
Movement on and off the axis. Playing with the axis like idea by the example of colgada and apilado. Working with an axle in pairs
Saturday15:30-16:45 Javier & Fatima (JF 1341)
Walking and embrace, learn it from the best of the best
Juan & Manuela (JM 4342)
Stage Sequence with elements mix
Dmitry & Olga (DO 2343)
Milonga: Milonga cadence; figures based on cadence
Saturday17:00-18:15 Javier & Fatima (JF 2353)
The technical details of a good and comfartable Posture and Connection
Juan & Manuela (JM 7352)
Half Giros, initiation to turns and direction change
Dmitry & Olga (DO 4353)
Vals: Colgada exercises and ligaments to create a dance pattern in a Vals
Saturday18:30-19:45 Carlitos & Agustina(CA 2361)
Milonga: use of body tone to control movement and speed.
Sunday11:00-12:15 Vanesa Villalba(FV 5411 )
Women Tech
Facundo Pinero(FV 6412 )
Men Tech
Sunday12:30-13:45 Javier & Fatima (JF 2421)
Milonga: Milonga traspie, Javier and Fatima's favorite combination
Dmitry & Sagdiana (DS 4422)
Crazy legs in escenario (Jumps on the basis of rotation and relaxation)
Giampiero & Julia (GJ 1423)
3 big rules for a good salon style
Sunday14:00-15:15 Javier & Fatima (JF 7431)
Tango Fantasy: What Javier and Fatima like in Tango
Facundo & Vanesa (FV 4432)
Tango Escenario; Movement and elements for performance
Giampiero & Julia (GJ 3433)
Freeze and Swing; change your dynamic to create a real unique interpretation
Sunday15:30-16:45 Facundo & Vanesa (FV 3441)
Giros with enrosques and planeos (Facu and Vanesa recommend to take ''Shapes of giro'' class first)
Carlitos & Agustina(CA 2442)
Vals: musicality, use of accelerations
Dmitry & Olga (DO 3343)
Slides, as a dynamic and vibrant ( bright) movement in tango escenario, options from simple to difficult
Sunday17:00-18:15 Carlitos & Agustina(CA 1451)
Construction of the dance, ideas to build sequences
Juan & Manuela (JM 2452)
Special salon steps for the social dance
Dmitry & Olga (DO 3453)
Giro: The principle of linear and circular motion using the example of the Giro figure, what is the difference in dynamics for a variety of applications
Sunday18:30-19:45 Juan & Manuela (JM 2461)
Sacadas: Backward options. Pivot and lead insights for energy control and coordination