In 2021, we started a new era for T2i. A competition that people can show their skills, spirit and dance to the World where they can be promoted. A competition with a reliable jury from different nationalities. A competition which is open to every dancer in the World. A competition where takes place in the joining of Europe and Asia. A competition which is a visual satisfaction to the spectators. We strongly welcome all dancers from all over the World with our hearts… T2i Cup is approved by TDSF (Turkish Dance and Sports Federation which is a member of WDSF (World Dance and Sports Federation –


3rd tanGO TO istanbul CUP >> 24-26 March 2023

 There are two categories

1.Tango Salon Category 

2.Tango Escenario Category (Also known as Stage Tango)

All eliminations and finals will be held on 24-25-25 March 2023 (Detailed program and the venue will be anounced soon)

Both Category Prizes

1st Place

  • 1000 Euro Cash
  •  An invitation to perform next tanGO TO istanbul (Paid)
  • 300 USD Gift Coupon from Tangorium
  • Adornos Tango Shoes Package for both Leader and Follower
  • Any other presents that sponsors may hand out

2nd Place

  • An invitation to perform next Romantica istanbul Tango Festival (Paid)
  • Full Pass (Classes and Milongas) at next tanGO TO istanbul
  • 150 USD Gift Coupon from Tangorium
  • Adornos Tango Shoes Package for both Leader and Follower
  • Any other presents that sponsors may hand out

3rd Place

  • 100 USD Gift Coupon from Tangorium
  • Full Pass (Classes and Milongas) at next tanGO TO istanbul
  • Adornos Tango Shoes Package for both Leader and Follower
  • Any other presents that sponsors may hand out
t2i Cup Registration
* Your country must be the one that you are born. Nationality of the partnership is the country that partners both agree. Ex: If one partner is Italian and the other is Russian than the couple will decide from which country to be called. It has to be one country and it is called ''The nationality of Partnership'' But if both partners are from the same country than their ''Nationality of Partnership'' is that country.

T2i Cup General Information and Rules

The T2i Cup Team announces that T2i championship with the following terms and conditions;

CATEGORIES: T2i cup consists of 2 categories: Improvisation Tango (Tango Salon) and Stage Tango (Tango Escenario),  Participation is open to all dancers. The participation fee for Improvisation Tango and Stage Tango are 40 Euro per person so 80 Euro for the couple for each category. The payment details are given after you fill the registration form in our official website. The participation fee is non-refundable due to any reasons.

ORGANIZERS: Championship is being made by istanbulTANGO school which are also organizers of the festival TanGO TO istanbul.

GENERAL REMINDINGS: The Organization Team has the right to change the rules, time or shape of the organization due to unexpected events or any other reasons.

The Organization Team has the right to record and film everything during the championship and use them as advertisement material by any means. The contestants must take permission from the organizers for use of this material.

All contestants must join all the ceremonies, events, photo shootings and other advertisement organizations during the championship and additionally, the winners (the contestants who are in the first 6 of each category) must join these events after the championship.

All the contestants will have to register online and make the payment until 15th of March 2022. This date may be extended by the Organization Team. The contestants also have to be present at the first date of registration in Istanbul at 9th of April 2022 Saturday. At the first date of registration, they will receive a competition number and will be informed about the details of the organization.

The official web site of the Organization Team is this website for all announcements, registrations and questions.

REGISTRATION: The registration consists of 2 parts: First registration is online. They must be made until 15th of March 2022 online by the official website. The registrations are couple registrations one being leader and the other being follower. The second is to check in on 9th of April 2022 Saturday at 09:00. We suggest the contestants be in Istanbul before this date because the registration time is early in the morning.

The couples can be any nationality of a minimum age of 18. If each couple is from the same country then they will be represented from that country. If they are from different countries then they have the right to decide from which country to be represented from. But they will be represented as only one country.

The contestants can register for only once in each category. But they can register both categories with the same or different partners. They have to show their passports or ID at the second registration in Istanbul. They are allowed to register for different categories Improvisation Tango and Stage Tango, also with different partners. They need to show their ID at every stage of the competition. It can NOT be done by a third member. Any false statement or illegal registration will be penalized by disqualification from the competition.

The organization team can change the deadline of the registration due to any reason.

RULES AND TERMS OF CONDITIONS DURING THE COMPETITION: In Improvisation Tango, Vals, Milonga and Milonguero category, each couple will compete in group performances dancing to 1,2 or 3 songs selected by the Organization Team depending on the level. Each group will have the songs from the same orchestra during each elimination. The Competition will be made with an elimination method by skating system, explained and examples below according to the number of contestants registered. In Stage Tango category, each couple will compete individually, dancing to one song of their choice that may not be longer than four minutes. They can perform different choreographies in different eliminations. These music pieces must be given to the organization team by any memory device at the first date of the registration and checked by the DJ and the contestant together before the competition. They will compete by the score method explined below.

ELIMINATIONS for IMPROVISATION TANGO -TANGO SALON. : All the couples will be dancing 1,2 or 3 songs chosen by the organization in small groups. The number of groups will be announced at the competition day depending on the number of contestants. Lets explain this elimination method by an example;

Ex: If there are 46 couples attending, they will dance 2 songs and 24 of them will be chosen among them. Then these 24 will dance again 2 songs and among them 12 will be chosen. The elimination rules will continue also in the semifinals. They will dance 3 songs and 6 of them will be chosen for the finals.

ELIMINATIONS FOR STAGE TANGO: All the contestants will perform once and among them 6 of them will be chosen for Finals.

FINAL FOR IMPROVISATION TANGO: All 6 couples will dance 1 song individually with the same orchestra-different songs where they will choose their song by lottery from 6 songs that T2i organization choose just before they dance.

FINAL FOR STAGE TANGO: There will be 6 couples dancing only once with the song they choose for Stage Tango category.

MUSIC: For Improvisation Tango Categories, the music will be Tango.  For the Stage Tango category, the music will be any of kind but as the competition is an Argentinian Tango Dance competition and the jury members are masters of Argentinian Tango, it is strongly advised to use more Argentinian Tango Music.

THE JURY: The Jury of the competition for the FINALS will be chosen by the Organization Team of the competition. They will be announced before the competition at the official web site. There will be no objection for the decision of the jury in the eliminations and finals so the contestants are already accepting this.

EVALUATION CRITERIA OF THE JURY FOR IMPROVISATION TANGO: Improvisation Tango is considered as a social dance, where the most important aspects are the musicality, embrace,   connection, harmony and creativity during improvisation between the contestants.

Once formed, the couple must not separate the embrace while the music is playing. During the whole dance the couples must dance in counter clockwise direction without disturbing the other couples. If a couple spends more time at the same spot of the dance floor, the Jury may break the points of the contestant. It is allowed but not suggested to go backwards according to the leader. The jury will break the points of the contestants or even disqualify them at the collisions who goes backwards according to the leader. If this incident affects the dance of all contestants, the jury will disqualify the couple who stops the dance floor and may repeat the song/s in order to solve the inconvenience.

The couples can use any commonly used figures of social tango, like sacadas, ganchos, barridas, enrosques, planeos, voleos (the leg must not be higher than the core level), volcadas, colgadas etc. Jump and lift figures are completely forbidden.

EVALUATION CRITERIA OF THE JURY FOR STAGE TANGO: Couples are allowed to use any figures of traditional Argentinian Tango elements (sacadas, ganchos, barridas, voleos, soltadas, colgadas and volcadas) and other dance disciplines (like lift and jumps). As the competition is an Argentinian Tango Dance competition and the jury members are masters of Argentinian Tango, it is strongly advised to use more traditional Argentinian Tango elements during the choreography.

If there are any technical problems, the jury will ask the couple to repeat their choreography.

If they have a problem performing during the choreography, they can not ask for the music restart. They can continue or stop and the Jury will evaluate accordingly.

PRIZES: The prizes for both categories are indicated at the beginning of the article.

Also the semi finalists and finalists may take some other prizes from the sponsors and organizations.

All contestants will obtain a participation certificate.

DISQUALIFICATION FOR OTHER TERMS: The Organization Team will disqualify any contestant from the competition which do any of the following:

a) Do not follow the rules of the competition;

b) Trying to impose a political or religious point of view during the competition

c) Doesn’t have any respect for others, doesn’t act properly at all times during the festival.

d) Writing an unethical  statement about the competition before or during the festival

will be announced very soon.