Adornos Shoes

This year our festivals main sponsor is Adornos Tango Shoes. You can checkout and buy all different models online from our web site.

TanGO TO istanbul participants will be receiving very special discounts and coupons from Adornos Tango Shoes.

  • %25 discount for all tanGO TO istanbul Marathon Participants
  • %20 discount for who registered to tanGO TO istanbul 5 or more milonga package
  • %20 discount for who registered to tanGO TO istanbul 5 classes package.
  • %30 discount for who registered to tanGO TO istanbul5 Classes and 5 Milonga package.


Please mail us your username to to receive your discount coupon. After your registration is approved, your coupon will be sent to you ready to be used in our online store. Ps: This coupon can be used in our online store and You can ask for delivery to your address or you can use and pick up from the our stands in festival venues.

Adornos Tango Shoes designs its handmade tango shoes with tango fashion tasted Turkish designers, and manufactures its handmade tango shoes with 20 years experienced master shoemakers. You can order the best quality tailor-made tango shoes. 

Adornos Tango Shoes create a harmony between balance, elegancy, quality and beauty with a perfect comfort level to keep you dance for hours and hours.