You can see below conditions of becoming Promoter. If you want to be a promoter and taking advantages please contact us via

  1. In order to be a group promoter, you need to have a group of minimum 5 people (including you);
  2. Between 5 people to 9 people;
    -20% discount from the (milongas + classes + shuttle) to the group leader (1 person),
    -5% discount from milongas and 10% discount from the classes (for rest of the group)
    -Minimum 2 person must take 5 classes from these 5-9 people
  3. Between 10 people to 15 people;
    -1 milonga Pass + shuttle free pass + 50% discount from the classes to the group leader (1 person)
    -5% discount from milongas and 15% discount from classes (for rest of the group)
    -Minimum 4 people must take 5 classes from these 10 to 19 people
  4. More than 16 people;
    -1 milonga Pass + classes + concerts + shuttle (everything) free pass to the group leader (1 person),
    -10% discount from the milongas and 20% discount from the classes (for rest of the group)
    -Minimum 5 people must take 5 classes from these more than 16 people
  5. Milongas include all milongas; afternoon milongas, night milongas, boat milonga and after parties
  6. In the packages, we have extra 10 Euro discount. So what we do is split the package and calculate accordingly. Ex: 5 classes + 5 milongas is normally 170 EUR and what we ask is 160 Euro (There is a package discount) so we split 160 Euro as 100 Euro for 5 classes and 60 Euro for the milongas and calculate from there (If you have 5-9 people 10% from classes and 5% for milongas so your student will pay 90 Euro from classes and 57 Euro for milongas, totally he/she will pay 147 Euro for 5 classes and 5 milongas)
  7. Also the people in your group can pay all of their payment to YOU but you need to know that you are 100% RESPONSIBLE from their payment. So they have to pay you on legal time and they can not change their registration after the 1st of February 2020. If they don’t obey the rules of the agreement payment or they cancel than we want you to charge their payment costs or else unfortunately we have to charge from you. You can see the agreement in our web site.
  8. You need to register all the people in your group to our registration page. Either you can do it or they can do by themselves. They need to write your name to the NOTES section; ”I am from group of …” They can register anytime they want and change also their registration with their password anytime they want but must follow the agreement rules. They need to register until 25th of February 2020. After that, they are not called from your group.
  9. You need make the advertisement of our festival by sharing our documents on Social Media.
  10. Depending on the situation, there will be only 1 group promoter from every city. So we will not give anybody else the same chance if you start working with us. You will have the exclusivity for your city.