Click Registration from the menu or click here Read agreement carefully and click I agree. You will proceed the new registration page. Choose your classes, room and other details from there. You will have an email from us including all information about your registration and amount you need to pay.

Yes you can. You must send us the link of the lab/hospital (The lab/hospital must be approved by your government) that you have the test and give us the password of your account so that we can check your test result online from there or you can bring a paper from there. It must be within last 72 hours.

We are providing PCR test from a Health Ministry approved Lab.

PCR test: This tests for the presence of the actual virus’s genetic material or its fragments as it breaks down. This is the most reliable and accurate test for detecting active infection.

30th of June Wednesday, 1st of July Thursday, 2nd of July Friday from 09:00 till 19:00.

You can continue staying at the festival Hotel at the Pandemi floor (3rd floor of the Hotel) but you can not join the festival so unfortunately, you can not enter the milongas and classes.

You can stay as long as you want but it has to be minimum 3 nights.

It has to be 2nd of July Friday after that the participation to the festival will be closed.

You can but not at the weekend of the festival.

Our festival milongas will be closed for outside participation. There will be no exceptions on the event days.

The festival fee is without Tax (8%) so if you want a legal invoice you need to pay 8% Tax. For the Pre-Payment Registration Fee which you made by your credit card, yes you can have an invoice.

If there is an unexpected cancellation of the event (Covid-19 and etc.), we will refund your payment immediately to your credit card.

If you are dancing more than 5 years, you are Advance. If you are dancing 3-5 years, you are Intermediate-Advance. If you are dancing 1-3 years, you are Intermediate. If you are dancing less than 1 year than you are Beginner.

No you don’t, we provide partners if needed.