Dmitriy Kuznetsov & Olga Nikola

  •  2017 Russian Tango Escenario Champions. *
  • 2018 European Tango Escenario Champions
  • 2018 Tango de Pista 3rd place.
  • Finalists of the last 4 years in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in the Mundial de Tango Escenario category.
  • Finalists of 2017 and 2018 in the Mundial de Tango Pista category.
  • Mundial de Tango Escenario 2018 5th.
  • Finalists of 2019 Mundial de Tango category Tango de Pista and category Tango Escenario

In 2013, Dmitry and Olga started dancing together. * Olga is a professional choreographer, finished University of Culture in Sant- Petersburg * Dmitry has 22 years of dance experience in ballroom dancing and he has qualification in ballroom dancing, as well as he is a candidate for sports in figure skating in single dances. * Olga and Dmitry took part in a lot of different Tango show, concerts, spectacular around the Russia and in Europe and in Buenos-Aires. Also they created his oun project and spectacular: Malena and present it in Moscow and successfully traveling and make tour around Kazakhstan, Russia and Baku.