Sexteto Cristal


Sexteto Cristal keeps the beautiful sound of almost forgotten musical tradition of tango alive. The desire of tangueros for the danceable “classics” of all time was the first inspiration and horizon of the sextet on the way to create their own style and repertoire.
You can hear the original sound of different orchestras in their interpretation, which mirrors the very special melodious phrasing, dramatic articulation and powerful rhythm of the golden age of tango.Come, listen & dance…

pure & refreshing tango argentine for dancing and concert

The ensemble is based in Hamburg and Berlin (Germany) and connected to famous argentine singers and tango musicians all over europe.


Maja Hunziker (violin)
Rupert Dintinger (violin)
Christian Gerber (bandoneon)
Michael Dolak (bandoneon)
Fernando Bruguera (piano)
Anna-Maria Huhn (double bass)