Milonga & Packages

Tuesday (5th April)84 Milongas60
Wednesday (6th April)105 Milongas70
Thursday (7th April)156 Milongas75
Friday (8th April)204 Milongas + 5 Classes 160
Saturday (9th April)205 Milongas + 5 Classes170
Sunday (10th April)126 Milongas + 5 Classes175


TitlePrice (Euro)
T2i WORLD CUP FINAL (9th April) (Tango Salon & Tango Escenario + Shows) 25
TANGO BARDO Concert with Show of all Maestros (10th of April 2022 Sunday)25
Transfer to all Milongas from the festival Hotel (Round Trip) 45
T2i World Cup "Tango Salon" Competition Fee (per person)40
T2i World Cup "Tango Escenario" Competition Fee (per person) 40
Table at Friday Milonga (1 table for 6 person) 200
Table at Saturday Milonga (1 table for 6 person) 200

Accomodation (Dedeman Istanbul)

(Breakfast Included) (EURO/Per person)
Room Type1 night
Double Room44
Single Room78

Workshop Prices

1 Class409 Classes190
2 Classes7010 Classes210
3 Classes9011 Classes230
4 Classes 10512 Classes250
5 Classes (1 Package)11013 Classes265
6 Classes13014 Classes280
7 Classes15015 Classes290
8 Classes170