Price: 65 Euro

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What is included?

  • Transfer from and to Taksim (Festival Hotel)
  • Sherbet
  • Turkish Tea
  • Turkish delight
  • ”Istanbul Dream” hammam service
Also known as the Turkish bath, hammam has become a wellness treatment for locals, as well as a special experience for foreigners. We pick you a Traditional style that you will experience all the details of the Turkish bath. Here is the explanation of it from the place;
Cağaloğlu Hamam, which is in service for over 300 years promises a dreamlike experience. Relive the old Istanbul with 15 minutes of secluded, hot room rest, followed by 10 minutes of rubbing with a bath glove and 20 minutes of bobble bath. A er the ritual, with Turkish tea, home-made sherbet and Turkish delight, prepared at the end of the seance, you are renewed and ready once again for the journey that is Istanbul. 
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