Historical Peninsula Tour

Price: 90 Euro

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What is included?

  • Transfer from and to Taksim (Festival Hotel)
  • All Museum Entries
  • Lunch (Drinks not included)
  • Professional Tour Guide
10 must see attractions on Istanbul’s historic peninsula

Dating back to 685 B.C., and was the capital for many civilizations such as the Romans, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire for ages, the Historical Peninsula is the tourist area in Istanbul where all tourists head for most. The region is the old Istanbul inside the city walls with all the sightseeing heavyweights packed together with must-see mosques, museums, palaces and more. The historical peninsula of Istanbul is now within the Fatih district.

 In this tour, we will visit 4 most important places of Historical Peninsula

1. Hagia Sophia

Among the treasured buildings on the Historical Peninsula is Hagia Sophia. Commissioned by the Emperor Justinian, it is considered one of the most important architectural structures in the world. The Hagia Sophia, which took 10,000 workers and 100 craftsmen to build, was designed by two of the most important architects of the period. It is currently used as a museum that is open to visitors.
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2. Topkapı Palace 

10 must see attractions on Istanbul’s historic peninsula

Topkapı Palace ranks first among the landmarks you should see in Istanbul. Built in 1459, the palace which sultans and their families called home has mansions, chambers, sets and flower gardens. Topkapı Palace, which is known to have been built on an area of 700,000 m2, still retains its glory and welcomes visitors from across the globe.

3. Sultanahmet Mosque

10 must see attractions on Istanbul’s historic peninsula

The Sultanahmet Mosque, the most distinctive landmark on the Sultanahmet Square, is located directly opposite Hagia Sophia. Although it bears structural resemblances to Hagia Sophia, it was actually built about a thousand years after Hagia Sophia. Built by the Architect Sedefkar Mehmed Agha at the request of Ahmed the First, the mosque is also called the Blue Mosque for the colorful İznik tiles used in its construction
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4. Basilica Cistern

10 must see attractions on Istanbul’s historic peninsula

This world-famous underground cistern was built in the 6th century and is the largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that still lie beneath the city. It has a size of 143 by 65 meters, with a capacity to hold 80,000 cubic meters of water.


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